About Us


UK House Buyers is currently the biggest and the most reputed real estate agency in the region. But we did not get here overnight. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to get recognized as a good agency. Becoming a great agency is an even longer story. We started with only three young realtors who had talent and a vision. At that time, market was full of agents who worked for the sole purpose of getting commissions.


People were hiring these agents because they had no other option. Our founders planned to bring a change through their new company. They provided client-oriented services with the primary objective of helping people get a good deal. It took a lot of time, but they started getting recognized at last. Soon they were getting more clients than they could handle. Expanding the business was the obvious next step.


They hired more young and aspiring realtors just like themselves. These new agents were trained to work for the benefit of the clients. Because of all that, we have managed to become a very popular agency. We get the listing of almost every house in the city. This makes it very easy for our clients to find their dream house.



The terms of our operation are very simple and really easy to understand. One of our realtors will explain it to you in great detail during the first meeting.

Our Terms

The terms of our operation are very simple and really easy to understand.One of our realtors will explain it.

Where we are based

We are very conveniently located at the center of the city. You can use any mode of transportation


Our services are pretty simple and straightforward. We just help people sell or buy houses. If hired by a seller,